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Welcome to the Player Resources section of our site.  Here you will find a variety of excellent tips and training aids designed to help you or your child become a better lacrosse player.

Please be sure to check back on a regular basis as new content will be loaded frequently.


If you are a parent of a youth player, we recommend you visit this section of our site frequently with your child and take just a few minutes to check out the videos and other content we have selected.  The content posted in our resources section is not proprietary -  we've simply aggregated valuable information for your convenience.  We hope you find it useful.

Practice is necessary in order to learn or master a new skill.  Lacrosse is no exception.  From the beginner to the most accomplished Major League Lacrosse (MLL) player, practice is essential and mandatory.  Sometimes the beginner thinks that practice simply means going to the weekly organized practice for his team.  This is not the case for any lacrosse player.  In order to improve in the game of lacrosse, players must have their stick in their hands several times during the week outside of organized practice time.  Some simple things to do (whether alone or with a partner), include practicing cradling, having a catch with a partner (if you're a parent with no lacrosse experience - don't despair - grab a baseball glove), learn a trick, or play wall ball. 

As someone near and dear to me used to say, "repetition is the mother of memory".  Trust us...practicing lacrosse is worth repeating.

So, please explore the Tabs under our Player Resources section (and be sure to check back regularly)