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Wall Ball
If you are new to lacrosse, Wall Ball is akin to using a tee to improve your batting in baseball.  Every lacrosse player has spent time on the wall.  The best have spent the most.  Wall Ball is simply the act of bouncing a lacrosse ball off a wall and catching it.  Wall Ball is mandatory for improving your stick skills and your hand-eye coordination.  A few points worth mentioning about Wall Ball:
  • Have several lacrosse balls with you so you don't spend all your time chasing the ball if you don't catch it.
  • Always use your gloves - you play with them so you should get used to wearing them.
  • Use both hands - don't worry if you are not that good with one hand - that's why you're doing this drill - to get better.
  • A concrete or brick wall is the best since the ball bounces well.  If you can't locate a brick or concrete wall nearby, consider purchasing a lax wall rebounder. 

Wall Ball Video 1:  We like this video for a couple reasons: 1) It's simple and straight to the point; 2) Joe Walters stresses finding a spot on the wall and hitting that every time; 3) He stresses getting the ball out of the stick quickly - "one cradle and letting it go"; 4) 50 - 100 reps on each hand.  On thing we suggest is wearing gloves.  So click on the link below and check it out...THEN GO PLAY SOME WALL BALL!
Wall Ball Video 2: This is an advanced Wall Ball video.  We recommend the beginner stick to the techniques described in Wall Ball Video 1.  The player can move on to the techniques presented here once he becomes proficient in handling his stick.
While driving down the street we frequently see a group of high school kids ripping shots on a goal.  Although we love the fact that they're out with their lacrosse sticks, too often it seems like they don't have a plan.  Our preference is to see the guys shooting the type of shot they would typically shoot during a game and doing it at full speed.

Midfielders Shooting Drill 1: Why we like this video: 1) Kyle Harrison practices the shot he would typically shoot during a game and does it at FULL speed; 2) He brings 25 lacrosse balls with him (so he's not wasting his time constantly running down missed shots; 3) He focuses on hitting the same spot in the goal consistently prior to moving on to another shot; 4) He shoots with his gloves on.  So the key to a shooting drill is practicing the shot you would typically take.  Check it out and then go shoot some balls with purpose.